FB Update: Voltex Downforce

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Voltex wing on Honda S2000


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Respect! (Now Proceed Blog Jacking…)

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I wanted to give a shout out to two blogs (of the many) which have been doing a great job lately and deserve to have their content respectfully jacked right here right now.

Blog #1 – Jon Sibal – Not only do you do the most amazing graphic work with cars I’ve seen, you have impeccable taste with your blog posts. I wanted to share this one recent post which introduced me to one of my favorite E36 M3s I’ve ever seen. A RB26DETT GT-R powered M3 widebody, how could I not love it!?


Here is one teaser, but you really need to see Jon’s blog post on it to appreciate this beast. Its flawless.

Blog #2 – 7Tune – It’s ok the 7tune.com blog doesn’t link to us on their blogroll…they still deserve love even if they’re hating on us. Life aint fair, but its ok 🙂

7Tune.com usually brings the heat with their posts and I wanted to share this post on a wild custom widebody NSX (private build) which had me impressed. Granted the car is not perfect, but it is a hell of a great car and a unique build for a non shop car. Great job 7tune.com for featuring some quality original content, keep it up! Even without including me in your blogroll you still get props over here.


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