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Alright, here’s the challenge…lets see what, if anything you can dig up on a company called TIOS.

TIOS is the coolest story you’ve probably never heard. Let me tell you what I know…

When I started getting really hooked on Japanese tuning culture in the mid/late 90s, I used to always read Option Magazine. In option magazine there was the coolest company ever…or so I felt at the time. The company was called TIOS and it is comprised of Tsuchiya, Iida, Orido and Suga.

Anyway, what makes it a really cool story is that Tios was a factory tuned car company. They offered a few cars, the EG Civic hatch, the Silvia (S13 perhaps), R32 GT-R and the AE86. Each car was sold as a rebuild used car, complete with the Tios tuning package. In essence they were aftermarket cars, tuning menu selected by racing legends, certified and sold complete by this company Tios. They even had a turbo EG as one of the cars if I recall. The option magazine ad has a picture of the three guys standing there. There is another Option magazine I have with reviews on the AE86 and EG and driving tests.

More than 10 years later, I still find the Tios concept fascinating. Legitimate and officially backed pre-tuned cars sold as packages.

Surely the internet has something out there…I dont want to dig up old option magazines and scan the pages.

Lets see what the internet can come up with…this community seems to always know where to find this type of rare stuff!

Here’s a start:

Tios AE86

More TIOS cars found by commenters here! THANKS!




Tios AE86

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