Shinya Kimura by Matt Rus

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Shinya Kimura is a custom motorcycle engineer at Chabott Engineering and his concept of building a motorcycle is extremely simple: no drawing boards, nor computer software, nor any help, just his momentarily filling for bending an aluminum or cutting steal. And the results are surprisingly awesome.

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Random Fairlady Z by Matt Rus and Ben

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Guys in Japan do it right. Check out this 370Z rocking a Top Secret front spoiler with integrated brake ducts, Varis twin carbon intake ducts, Varis carbon aero hood, Top Secret aerocatch hood pins, Mines carbon wing, Volk TE37s and a number of other tasteful aerodynamic upgrades.

You can get a further taste of those modifications here:



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3pc Wheels – One Topic

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I wanted to discuss an often overlooked topic about 3pc wheels. Wheel companies have interesting ways to increase the diameter of rims without increasing the actual centers of the wheels. This NSX is a perfect example because it runs staggered rim sizes of 19″ up front and 20″ on the rear. If you notice the lips, the rears have an extra inch of height built into the lips to accept smaller centers. As a result a larger wheel can be used without engineering a larger center. From a distance the visual downside is that it does not look any bigger because the size perception of wheels often rests with the spoke length. However on a car like the NSX rarely do 20″ wheels look appropriate, this is a great way to pull off 20″s while still making the car look sporty and not ridiculous.

Its one of the many tricks of 3pc wheel making which can ultimately make your wheels appear to be bigger or smaller. The opposite technique of this is using a reverse drop on wheels which gives a flat lip instead of a more traditional step lip design. The result in that case is a center face that is an inch larger looking than if you had a traditional step lip. As a result for most custom 3pc wheel companies you can order a 19″ wheel with 19″ center forgings with a reverse drop or the same 19″ wheel with 18″ center forgings with a step lip. In this case we essentially have a 20″ wheel with 18″ center forgings and a mega step lip to cover the difference.

End result, Work is able to sell a 20″ Work Meister S1 3pc wheel without needing to engineer a larger center disc.  This is a very cool picture that Matt posted on his blog because I’ve seen the 20″ Meister S1 3pc in catalogs for years but I’ve never actually noticed one used before. You can spot it quickly as I have by looking at the the lips/outer halves.


This car was recently featured on our guest blogger FarmofMinds blog. The original post is :

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S2000 “Proto” by Matt Rus

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This S2000 without it’s windshield, with only one seat, a large rear wing and a big roll-over protection bar might actually look like original Mugen SS2200 concept car, but its far from that. This is demo car from Eagle Shop Urawa in Japan. Eagle Shop Urawa were out testing the car’s limits at the Honda Style Fun & Run meeting at Nikko Circuit last month.



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A Tuned Mitsuoka Orochi by Matt Rus and Ben Schaffer

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Mitsuoka Orochi Garage

Our occasional guest blogger Matt Rus previously put together a great find on a very rare car. I wanted to elaborate on these impressive pictures that he uncovered. I’ve been fortunate enough to see a Mitsuoka Orochi in the flesh only one time in my life. My sighting was a chance encounter in Tokyo during one of my trips there 3 years ago. Seeing the Orochi on the road is very much a WTF type of moment, if anything its more like a WTF!!?!?! moment. Spotting this car will make your brain do strange things…on one hand parts of it look certifiably like an exotic million plus dollar car, on the other hand, parts of the car look like some science fiction monstrosity. Its equal parts awesome and awful, yet 100% unique. And we’re just talking about a stock, unmodified one…

So when Matt found pictures of a TUNED one my ears perked up. It doesn’t get more rare and JDM than a tuned Orochi.

But first, you might want to read up on what a basic Mitsuoka Orochi is all about:

In short the car is a bespoke coach built NSX. Naturally you can modify it in a similar manner to modifying a NSX as well. This car has some nice touches of tuning done with it’s carbon fiber wing (which I love on it), titanium exhaust, front under canards and switched up wheels. I feel that out of all of the Orochi’s this one is my favorite. Unfortunately there is no side profile of the car. When I saw one in the flesh on the road, I remember really loving the side profile of the car. From a side viewpoint it looked terribly exotic and impressive to me. Personally I could do without the front end of the car entirely, yet I recognize that the absurd front fascia is what gives this particular car its soul. I’m sure there is someone out there who loves the funky headlights, bumper and gilled up hood.

Whatever your perspective and any way you look at it, this particular car is a fascinating specimen of JDM tuning.

Mitsuoka OrochiMitsuoka Orochi

Street Presence.

Mitsuoka Orochi Garage

Original Inspiration from Matt:

EDIT – Here’s a picture I took of the one I saw back in the day:

Ben's Orochi

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GT-R Full Frontals by Matt Rus

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In response to Ben’s Table scraps weekend pt.1 post last weekend and the rear end shot of the Skylines I wanted to show these two pics of Skylines R34 and R32 GT-Rs and their front ends.


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Kalle Rovanperä: The 8 Year Old Rally Driver by Matt Rus

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Is this the new Sébastien Loeb? Kalle Rovanperä is a son of the famous Finnish rally driver Harri Rovanperä and he is already following in his  father’s footsteps. At the age of 8 he already shows the talent of driving a rally car like a pro!

Kudos to Kalle!

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