Hate It or Love It? CR-Z with Martini Rally Livery

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Martini Rally CR-Z

What do you think of this rally-themed CR-Z hanging out at a snow-strewn paddock in Japan?  Does this ride do justice to the famous Martini livery?

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Huh?! Strangest Application of 18×10.5 Volk CE28Ns Yet.

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Editorial: I Say, Enough With the IS-F Tips Already. Seriously.

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Wald Black Bison Mercedes E Class W212

I love the new E-Class Mercedes. Mercedes design seems to be doing everything right lately. After an incredible C63, now the new E63 meets the same high bar they’ve raised for themselves in both design and performance. The new E-Class looks so nice that I didn’t think there was a way for the aftermarket to screw one up…until I saw Wald put IS-F exhaust tips on their Black Bison kitted E63.

Why in the world would Wald put IS-F exhaust tips on a E63 Benz? This to me just reinforces my point that I’ve been saying privately under my breath for a while now. ENOUGH WITH THE IS-F EXHAUST TIPS ALREADY. Seriously, does it take Wald ruining an E-Class for people to get the picture that this is no better than slapping Z3 fenders on a Junction Produce Lexus LS nearly a decade after Z3 fenders were already played out and then having VIP Tuning fans trying to justify it being cool because a good brand produced it!? In my book, wack is wack. Wald is a good brand, a solid brand that I’d use on my own cars…but recycling the same diffuser and IS-F tips that they use on their IS-F Black Bison car just doesn’t make sense for E-Class owners in my not so humble opinion. Apparently there are some E-Class owners that disagree with me and wish their E63 was a Lexus. If you are one of them, send me an email, I’d be thrilled to know that one exists out there who understands why Wald did this to a E63.

And its a shame because the E63 is beautiful and in my opinion nearly impossible to screw up. Wald got the trunk spoiler right, the front bumper came out pretty nice as well. Just why in the world would they put IS-F exhausts on it? Why do we do this to ourselves as tuners? I feel like if we’re going to steal a major piece of identity from a different car, at the least that car should be part of the same family of cars and an upgraded model to the car you’re installing it on.

That’s just my editorial…it is my views only and does not express the views of Bulletproof or any affiliated companies…its just my crazy ass who is going to snap if I see any more IS-F exhausts on cars that are not IS-Fs. Maybe Wald knows some some secret that I don’t. Perhaps they did market research and found out that most E63 owners wished they had bought a Lexus instead. Maybe they’re selling used AMG exhaust tips to IS-F owners to make double the profit and flip things both directions…Who knows.

Wald Black Bison Mercedes E Class W212Wald Black Bison Mercedes E Class W212

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Mad Cow by Stanley Ku

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Confused? So was I when I first saw this car at the local Supercar Sunday meet in Woodland Hills. Honestly, I was fooled and believed it to be a Lambo Murci at first because there was no reason for me to think otherwise. However, as I approached towards the car, the stranger it looked and then it hit me. The car was a fake.



If it weren’t for all the ugly addictions, especially in the front, it might actually look decent. It’s just a dead giveaway with how it looks right now. If I’m not mistaken, it think the car is for sale. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I’m sure some budget ballers would be interested in it.

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Newsletter Sign Up

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You may have noticed that we just added a section to sign up for our newsletter here on the blog (see to the right of the page). I’d encourage you to take part in that!

The newsletter is a monthly newsletter which was previously only available to those who have purchased products with us. Now we’re happy to allow access to the readers of this blog as an opt-in service.

The newsletter, on top of offering special newsletter only deals, is also a carefully selected monthly recap of what is new in the world of JDM tuning. You’ll see industry news, company news, hottest parts of the month for a variety of cars, a few select blog links and of course the special blog only deals.

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Hater Fodder – Mercedes-Benz G Classless

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The Benz G Class is one of those cars that never seems to change. With a life span comparable to the Lotus Esprit, the G Class has outlived numerous decades of design and techological change. With a history of textbook function over looks philosophy, one has to look in amazement at this modified G Class.

The G Classless as I’ll refer to it, was modified by a private owner (I’m presuming) who felt that what the G Class really needed was a E Class front end. I think any good friend would tell you that doing this is a terrible idea, but somehow nobody warned of what it would end up as.

So here we go, your hater fodder for the day. The G Classless Benz.

Original Source: http://www.autogespot.com/en/item/733/very-exclusive-mercedes-benz-ge-class/

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Hater Fodder – A Knockoff Bentley Going Into Production?

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Hautai's Knockoff Bentley

Sometimes I get so frustrated with the automotive aftermarket because there is such a lack of respect for people’s life work of design and engineering. I continue to watch companies go bankrupt because the knockoff brands out there (you know who they are) just kill the market and make it nearly impossible for original companies to survive. Being a small aftermarket tuner who manufacturers original parts just doesn’t make sense in this environment…it is almost impossible to make a profit because production costs are so high to R&D parts. I know because I’ve passed on probably 20 chances now to start my own brand, the numbers just never made sense to do it. Actually, worse than that…one of the most talented designers I know is out of work right now for this same reason. The man’s life work is design and now he’s considering at working at a restaurant instead. I cant describe how depressing it is to know of his talent and yet know of his inability to continue his life’s work because the “enthusiasts” in the industry supported knockoffs instead of original parts like his. (I’m not saying names out of respect, so please don’t ask or comment about it…this story exists in multiple cases he surely is not the only one)

In general I don’t find knockoffs funny because in the context of the automotive aftermarket, the companies getting damaged by knockoffs of their goods are usually too small to survive the damage without huge problems (aside from the Nismos, TRDs and Mugens with big enough budgets to continue on).

Yet with all that being said, I can at times be amused by knockoffs in cases where nobody gets hurt too badly. In this case Bentley must be covering their heads in embarassment as they view the upcoming Hautai manufacturered unnamed car. No doubt this will still hurt Bentley’s image a bit, but I’m sure they’ll ultimately be fine. If anything, this hurts the image of Chinese automakers who are poised to inevitably enter the US and overseas markets. In their quest to become a legitimate source for world wide production vehicles this is a real setback to the image of Chinese car manufacturers.

(I wonder if Hautai is also one of the companies making those Top Secret, umm I mean… “TS Style” knockoff hoods that have eroded Top Secret’s hood sales over the years)

Here’s a front shot of the Hautai “B Style” as I’ll call it. At least the front is a little different.

Hautai Knockoff Bentley

Original Source: http://www.autoblog.com/2009/05/12/chinas-hautai-reportedly-readying-bentley-continental-knockoff/

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