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Yesterday one of the guys over at the office (Jason) was working with a client of ours on getting him a Sergeant diffuser for a EK9 Civic.

seargeant ek9 diffuser bulletproof automotive

Really cool diffuser isnt it!?

Anyway, as gangster as that diffuser is…it’s nothing compared to the JDM gangsterness of Green Sergeant football team that he accidentally found online:

Green Sergeant Football Team Japan

The results of that website find had us all amused at the office all day. It’s not too often (never) that I’ve seen much on American football in Japan. Even more interesting is how hard these guys own their opponents! They post scores on the website…they pimp slapped their opponents 122 to ZERO one game and 113 to ZERO another game. Showin’ no mercy out there on that JDM gridiron! You’d figure they’d bounce at halftime and hit up some kaiten sushi joint and then celebrate with some karaoke and shochu, but nah…they come back to serve their opponents even harder in the second half.

Anyway, I know it’s off topic but this had us all talking yesterday at the Bulletproof HQ so I thought I’d share it. – link to the tuning shop Sergeant for those interested in hot JDM Civic racing parts.

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Great Honda Ad – Video

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Alex Butti sent me an email with this great European Honda advertisement. I thought it was really cool and wanted to share it.

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Design – The Ayrton Bed by Ora Ito

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Ayrton Bed by Ora Ito

This bed reminds me of many of the things that I love about Japanese tuning and design. The details and quality of materials are clearly evident, meanwhile the design is most certainly race car inspired. The name of the bed as well pays homage to the inspiration of this design. If only this bed utilized some tasteful carbon fiber accents somewhere I think it’d be beyond perfection.

As an object of design art, I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do. I feel like this bed and some of the furniture that Ora Ito creates is representative of what Kanayama-san of ASM would design if he was contracted to make furniture…and that is about the highest compliment I can give.

Ayrton Bed by Ora ItoAyrton Bed by Ora Ito

Ayrton Bed by Ora ItoAyrton Bed by Ora ItoAyrton Bed by Ora Ito

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OT – Awesome Video

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I happen to think that this video is awesome so I wanted to share it. Its not too often that I go off topic on this blog anymore, but this video really impressed me!

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Porsche 918 Spyder CG Rendering

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Porsche 918 Spyder CG ALMS Concept

Joshua Cloud just sent us a new rendering he was involved with. The rendering is of a ALMS version Porsche 918 Spyder concept. I think the style and rendering is pretty cool!!!

Joshua has a new business and website coming soon here:

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Rauh Welt – The Ultimate JDM Porsche Car Meet by Ben Schaffer

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RWB Rauh Welt Porsche Meet

Our friend Jon Sibal has done it again. On this one he did it way better than I could have. I’m posting this as a service to anyone who appreciates hardcore JDM Porsche tuning. If you know JDM and you know Porsche then you already know Rauh Welt. This feature on their owner’s meet opened my eyes to just the size and scope of how many cars they’ve built. I could never imagine seeing so many RWB Porsches in one place! I wish they held this meeting at Tsukuba Circuit and had someone video it! Hearing all of those cars run must be beautiful and ear bleeding painful all at the same time!

There are about 200 pictures of this meeting and although I dont know the original source, I know that Jon did a great job compiling it all to be enjoyed by us all!

Check out Jon’s blog here:

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It Burns So Good – Amuse Titanium S2000 Header

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I wanted to share a recent picture from my S2000. Recently as some of you know, I revamped a few things on the car. The Amuse full titanium header was one of the amazing parts I was dying to use from the second I learned of its existence.

The car now has this insane Amuse STTI header, the Amuse high flow cat and the Amuse STTi Euro 7022W. The 7022 is designed somewhat similar to the OEM type canister size and placement yet it uses full titanium construction and larger 70mm main piping. I went with the B tail finish with goldring for the tips which means essentially that they look amazing! The sound is perfect now with this setup!

This picture is what happens with the header after just firing up the car for a bit. I suspect it’ll change color a lot more as I drive the car!

I’m so happy I changed out the system, the car keeps getting better!

Here’s the feature on the crazy titanium header when it arrived:

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