Art: Hakosuka and Robots

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One of my favorite things about JDM culture is the community.  I can’t say how many interesting people I’ve met, from all walks of life, who are just as passionate about the quality and craftsmanship that goes into these parts as I am.  It’s always energizing and inspiring when that common bond is recognized, especially when it happens spontaneously.

That said, it is incredible when I’m doing something completely non-car related and I’m reminded of the vast community of JDM aficionados out there.   A few weeks ago I went to a SoCal street art show and was pleasantly surprised to see the unmistakable mug of the original GT-R in this piece by Matt Spangler.  His work does not involve cars usually (mostly robots) so I was shocked that the only car he had in any of his art was a hakosuka!  It was a very random and cool find!  Even if I didn’t get to meet Mr. Spangler and discuss the realness of the hakosuka with him, I just was happy to know he’s representing JDM cars (and JDM robots).

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