NEW Powerhouse Amuse Legalo Face Kit for S2000 in Dry Carbon & FRP

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Powerhouse Amuse has been talking to us about releasing this kit for awhile and we finally have some new information and photos from the new Option Magazine. Perfect time to show you guys and speak a little bit about what a wonderful company Powerhouse Amuse is! They already have the titanium exhaust game locked down, but their aero parts are just as exquisite.

We are always excited to see new parts coming out for older platforms. Sure, we help build new platforms like the GT-R and we are working hard promoting parts and development for the FRS / BRZ / 86 platform, but we have a soft spot in our hearts for the Honda S2000.

The S2K helped Bulletproof Automotive break into the scene as a heavy hitter and we still have many clients who buy parts for their S2K today.

This new kit has been available in dry carbon before, but it has recently been re-released in FRP! So many options for the S2K, but this is definitely the latest and greatest…


As always, you can contact us at the office for any pricing or information.


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