Gimmic 300 by John Babbitt

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This time around, I thought I’d feature something a bit different. While many of us are mostly concerned with power, balance, and everything else that aids us in speed, others first thought when it comes to cars is style. Vip style is a genre that’s all about the look. Low and wide, with amazing interiors, loud exhaust, even louder stereos. And let’s not forget the wheels. Wheels can make or break a vip style build, so it’s best to follow a particular saying amongst vip style fans: don’t get wheels that fit the car, make the car fit the wheels.

But a hot debate within vip style circles is proper chassis. Most vip purists say only big nissans and toyotas are allowed, while others argue that point, based on the number of other big luxo cars that are built by vip car producers, like jags, mercedes, and (surprise!) chrysler 300. Case in point: the Gimmic 300.

It ticks all the right vip style boxes. Big wheels (both diameter and width)? Check. Low? Very. Wide? Um, yea. Gimmic is the modififying sector of parent company, GM Corporation that imports american cars. But Gimmic not only does custom work, they actually produce thier own aero for many american cars, including the big Chryslers, Deville/DTS, even the Dodge Intrepid, amongst others. Some of their other platform specific items include air suspension, mufflers, and many exterior accessories. And they all come together in this amazing 300.

It starts life as a Chrysler 300 3.5. Gimmic adds it’s own air suspension, and those love ’em or hate ’em Sporza Zero 3pc wheels, coming in at 24×9 up front and 24×11 out back. Then comes the blister fenders, grille, rear bumper extension, side panels, spoilers, front bumper, and cool headlights. Finishing off the look is the carbon tipped exhaust. It’s a look that will keep this 300 stand out for many years. The interior is a big contrast, by going with a more subtle look than the exterior. New comfy leather adorns the seats, while a custom rear console now resides between the rear passengers, making this a 4 seater. Now if we could only get people here in the states to wear 24’s like this. But with Vip style still growing here, this car will hopefully be an inspiration, instead of an argument. Enjoy!- Jbab


Gimmic 300

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