Bulletproof x R34 Z-Tune

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Bulletproof Automotive x Nismo R34 GT-R Z-Tune

Bulletproof Automotive’s R34 GT-R Nismo Z-Tune.

Such an honor, such an incredible car. This car is a legit and super clean Z-Tune, not a kit car or replica. These pictures were from earlier. We’ve now sold the car to an appreciative new owner. There’s a Z-Tune rolling around now with Bulletproof stickers in an undisclosed location. That makes us very happy just to think of it.

PS – Sorry the blog has been a little inactive. We’ve been busy with awesome stuff like this and designing/producing original new parts. More blog posts will be coming. In the meantime, we update our facebook fan page daily if you want to stay better in touch with us.


PS – Thank you to our friend Mr. Ito.

Bulletproof Automotive x Nismo R34 GT-R Z-Tune

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