The World’s Best S2000: Amuse vs. ASM

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Amuse S2000 GT1

I’m going to ask this question out loud that I’ve been unable to answer for many years. Which is the best S2000 ever made – The Amuse GT1 or the ASM Widebody time attack car.

Before I go any further, I should admit that I’m equally biased. It was Amuse’s titanium exhaust for the S2000 that made my relationship begin with them in 2001. Around the same time it was ASM’s Tsukuba Special S2000 that was the first to break into 59 second range at Tsukuba that made me approach them and become their first US distributor. I’ve since remained involved with both companies for many years and watched them grow and evolve with the S2000 (as well as their other cars). In the case of ASM, we went as far as to buy the actual dry carbon widebody shown in the picture below and we keep it at our warehouse as it is the only one in the world produced (they switched over to the version 2 and we happily took version 1 off of their hands back then).

So the question is – which S2000 is better? Amuse went on to turbo their GT1 and ASM went on to further refine their aerodynamics and replace every bolt with titanium to squeeze every last drop of lap time reduction.

These cars are truly the best of everything. No expense spared. ASM uses Challenge for their dry carbon which is where the OEM’s shop when they build their Super GT machines. Amuse uses titanium springs for their coilovers which nobody else can mess with. There are tricks within tricks within tricks that make both of these S2000s in a league of their own.

But which one is better?


Photos courtesy of the Bulletproof vaults.

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