Doing It Right – ASM Mini Cooper S

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ASM Mini Cooper S

As with any complete ASM demo car build, I can be instantly sure that it will be nothing but quality. This Mini Cooper S is no exception. Everything from the top notch parts selection to the Porsche GT3 inspired color combo and graphics is flawlessly utilized. Of interesting note, Mugen’s former head engineer is involved in the modification and tuning of ASM’s Mini Coopers. That in itself makes this car epic. The Amazing Sachs coilovers and Drexler diff (don’t ask the price) just add to the caliber of this car. They also happen to escalate the price that much closer to the price of an actual Porsche GT3.

ASM Mini Cooper SASM Mini Cooper S

ASM has been heavily utilizing Porsche GT3 color combos and design for a while. It translates to tuned aftermarket cars really well. I don’t blame them one bit.

ASM Mini Cooper S

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