Photoshop – FT-86 Top Secret Styled

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Today I was shown this really cool photoshop and I wanted to share it. As the hype builds for the upcoming Toyota FT-86 people are beginning to fantasize about the tuning possibilities of the potent FR sports car.

This design was created by BramDC from Wergea, Netherlands. In this rendering we can see lots of styling adapted nicely from other great tuner cars. Some of the things that I notice at first glance are components that include: Ridox 80 Supra/Amuse Superleggera Z type carbon fender/side skirt panel, Voltex Type-3 wing, Craftquare mirrors, Advan RG wheels, and a front bumper that looks like if a Vestito bumper, and Ings+1 N-Spec bumper and a Top Secret bumper all merged into one.

What do you guys on the blog and facebook think of it?

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