Oldschool R34 by Matt Rus of FarmOfMinds

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Today I came across Strange-drive shop, a garage shop located at Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture, where they are specialized in Skyline tuning and maintenance, mostly ER34, HR34, ENR34 and BNR34 models. And one Skyline, HR34 GT to be exact, caught my attention. As you fly over the pics below you can see that this Nissan Skyline GT has some old school touches starting with 15″ Watanabe Type-R wheels, nice drop with the help of  Trust Type-S coilovers, dual exhaust tips and newage trends: carbon fiber hood and CF trunk.


Taking a peek at the interior reveals that there are more inspirations from the old days. Momo Prototipo steering wheel and classic style bucket seats are utilized.


The engine is a RB32DE taken from the HR31 Skyline. Straight six with RB26 throttle body. The Fujistubo exhaust manifold and custom exhaust must sound great!


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