Customer Car – Bobby Taylor’s GT1 S2000 (Revisited)

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Bobby S2000 GT1 Amuse

Bobby and I got this project rolling back six years ago when he dropped by our old Gardena, CA warehouse ready to do something big. Despite the years since then somehow this car has remained under the radar of the media…until now. Super Street Magazine just last month recognized what an incredible job Bobby did with his S2000 and wrote up a feature article on his car! Congrats Bobby! It is well deserved!

Bobby GT1 Amuse S2000

I really love cars that 6 years later not only still look timeless but are still so fresh that they’re magazine feature cars. In a world where most cars are trendy and the styling is played out 2 years later, this car is proof that a car can be built the right way and remain timeless!

Bobby GT1 Amuse S2000Bobby GT1 Amuse S2000

Super Street link:

The earlier blog post here from 2008:

Thanks to The Chronicles for the hi-res goodness!

Bobby GT1 Amuse S2000Bobby GT1 Amuse S2000

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