The Panamera Z

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Continued from the other day…

After many years of me simply being being tired of “show cars” the Panamera Z was the first car in a long time that made me deeply enjoy a purely show car again. The execution of this car was brilliant from the very first sight on Thursday. They took the Fairy Design Panamera aero kit (which is a beautiful kit that debuted a year ago at TAS) and they basically turned a 350Z into a widebody Porsche Panamera.

All of the details are there…down to the exhaust tips, the wing detailing, the upper front bumper Porsche ducting (like that found on the GT3), etc. On top of blending the Porsche and Z styling, it features an aggressive widebody with unique details like the widebody front fenders continuing the upper lines into the doors. The front fenders remind me of the Amuse Superleggera 380RS.

The interior saw a lot of attention and is pretty wild too. I really like these seats in white.

I saw the odometer and this car has seen it’s fair share of use (83k if I recall). It is commendable that such a dedicated investment of time and money was spent refreshing this 350Z into something truly unique. Sure it’s no Tsukuba circuit champion, but as far as looks go this car makes a hell of a first impression and will forever be one of a kind. I’m still not much of a show car kind of guy but this car is an exception to a lot of rules. It shouldn’t be able to pull it all off, but it does. Brilliantly.

Side Note – I would have loved to see this car with different wheels and not so slammed. Perhaps some ADV1s.

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