Hiace Racer by Matt Rus of FarmOfMinds

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The Toyota Hiace is immensely popular to modify in Japan due to its spacious interior. Many Japanese modify these like you’d outfit your living room or bedroom featuring full out bars, couches and/or beds inside. While the car is wildly popular to customize for cruising and hanging out it is a very rare sight to see one on the race track. So when Mat Rus of FarmOfMinds found this raced out Hiace we thought it would be a really fun post to share.

This Toyota Hiace sports a motor swapped Nissan 2.8l  OHC L28 inline 6. We can only guess that there are many serious other mods done to this Hiace. I’m sure those gauges aren’t there for nothing and also you’ll notice a full roll cage, window safety net, oil cooler, ITB’s, etc…

These shots are not the best but the Toyota Hiace is cool enough to post here!


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