Functional Aero – Amuse Z33 350Z Race Cooling System

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Amuse Z33 350Z Front Ducting

This is a topic I’ve wanted to discuss for years now. Roughly four years ago Amuse updated their Z33 350Z CSL demo car with an upgraded front aerodynamic ducting kit. Externally it did not change the look of their front bumper much, but when I first saw the system they were releasing I was blown away by it. I’d like to show you what I’m talking about here…

In the top picture you can see some pretty crazy ducts extending off of the front end. Those ducts run flush with the front of the bumper and create a direct and aggressively fed path of airflow. The ducts are split up into different functions and are designed for both oil cooler and radiator ducting.

Amuse Z33 350Z Front DuctingAmuse Z33 350Z Front Ducting

I find this to be a really cool mod (pun intended)! This is the type of hardcore circuit tuning that the Japanese manage to not only engineer well but also integrate really well. To the untrained eye it might not be much noticed on the Amuse bumper, but when you look closely you not only notice but you immediately must take the car seriously with a cooling system that well designed for racing use. I’ve seen tuners like Top Secret doing one-off systems like this for many years but I believe that Amuse might be the only shop that ever made production molds to deliver an official solution to this caliber of quality.

If I owned a 350Z I’d surely do this. Honestly though, it’s been at the top of my dream list as a modification that I’d LOVE to do with my Amuse GT1 front end of my S2000. Maybe it’s just me…but aerodynamic wise this is one of the most impressive mods I’ve seen out of Japan in the recent few years.

Amuse Z33 350Z Front Ducting

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