When Nothing Needs To Be Said

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Today I was thinking throughout the work day about what I wanted to blog about. I kept thinking and came to a simple conclusion: Rather than force a blog post when I wasn’t quite happy with any particular car themed topic, I’d rather blog about the value of saying nothing.

There’s enough clutter out there in the world and enough uninspired people shouting noise just to remind themselves that they have a voice. As a blog reader and car enthusiast I get tired at times of sorting through the noise and clutter to find pure and true undiluted passion. As each year goes by, people get increasingly bombarded with greater and greater amounts of information. Then we get improved apps and methods to faster and more efficiently sort through all of the extra crap to find the few things that really mean something to us. This cycle feels like it started when cable TV took over from the few local channels we had growing up. Although it was a welcome change for many years, I think in recent years we’ve passed a tipping point in which the overflow of information has gradually progressed past being helpful and into becoming a headache. I really wonder when quality will take the reigns back over from quantity being the prevalent force in the world’s current preferences.

I grew up in an era with an album like Illmatic that had 10 songs, every one of them incredible. Take the same musical genre today and you need 5 mixtapes of content to distill down to 10 quality tracks (never-mind that they still pale in comparison to Illmatic). My point being whether it’s music, cars, or any passion we have I’m damn sick of sorting through all of the crap to find the jewels. I want no part in perpetuating that cycle. So let the above ASM S2000 picture I took a long time ago represent what my intent is for this blog.

Purity, no filler.

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