The Epic Video That Wasn’t – GT-RR R35s x 2

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GT-RR R35 GT-R Demo Car Mobil 1 Toyo Tires R888

Back in 2008 I had one of my career highlights of producing two ultimate GT-Rs simultaneously over a short period of time. It was an amazing experience and as I look back on it, I still have the same love for the cars as I did back then (if not more so). I only had these two GT-Rs for a short period of time and after their SEMA debut with Mobil 1 and Toyo Tires the cars were shipped off to opposite sides of the country (Hawaii and New Jersey). Although I’ve amassed a large collection of photos during the builds and at SEMA, sadly I have much less documented of the two cars together.

A video shoot for Streetfire’s television distribution was prepared and that video was going to be my only video documentation of these two beasts together. One afternoon three GT-Rs drove off to do a video shoot by the beach in Los Angeles. The two GT-RR demo cars of the time were joined by Adam from Streetfire’s silver GT-R as a camera car. As we ripped up and down the street getting footage I felt that I’d have something great to look back on to remember these cars by. In a matter of a week after the filming the cars dispersed and there was no more footage ever again of them together.

Much to my disappointment the video never made it out of streetfire’s offices and I’ve never seen it. Sadly, no video exists of Brandon’s midnight purple R35 at all. (a huge mistake on my part)

So I’m left with just a couple of still pictures that I have from the day to reminisce over the video that wasn’t.

As I continue to plan and prepare my latest GT-R project car, I look back at these cars and somehow feel a little intimidated with my current project.

GT-RR R35 GT-R Demo Car Mobil 1 Toyo Tires R888GT-RR R35 GT-R Demo Car Mobil 1 Toyo Tires R888

All pictures above are 1800 pix res. The picture below is my favorite of the two cars together but unfortunately this is the best quality I have of it.

GT-RR R35 GT-R Demo Car Mobil 1 Toyo Tires R888

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