Table Scraps Weekend Viewing

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I scan a lot of great blogs for my inspiration. Here are a couple of things I wanted to share with you all this weekend.

1. Rice Paddy Art in Japan


My friends at ASI Japan posted this cool and quirky trend on their blog recently. They have a number of pictures of rice fields with some pretty crazy art integrated into them.


2. Austin Powered (by F20C)


I love my S2000 and I love light weight sports cars. What is not to love about an Austin Healey Sprite with a S2000 motor swap!? With all of the time we spend discussing tuned cars putting out huge power #s, I can pretty much guarantee you that nobody is having more fun with 240hp than the owner of this car. Quantifying the fun of driving a car is never as easy as quantifying horsepower.


3. Bosozoku Style Ferrari!?!

A Berlinetta Boxer 512LM Ferrari got some JDM Boso-esque modifications that I never would have imagined. This is truly unique and quite crazy! As insane as it is, it’s even more impressive when you remind yourself how tame and dated the regular Ferrari is:

Bosozoku Ferrari BB512LM


There we have it, table scraps for the weekend. I really don’t like to put recycled content on here, but hopefully you can find some value in my perspective and sharing these things that excite me!

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