Free Craft S15 – The Grass is Always Greener… by Patrick Callahan

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I recently found what has to be one of my favorite S-chassis Nissan’s ever while exploring the wonderful Nori Yaro blog. The Free Craft S15 is exactly what you would expect from a sexy JDM Silvia for the most part (i.e. fantastic JDM aero, hardcore drift suspension, etc). However, there are a few differences that set this car apart for me.

The first and perhaps least surprising is that the car sports a 2JZ. More torque, more power, not a whole lot of explanation needed there. The swap is getting to be pretty common.


The wheels almost certainly set the car apart. They’re Racing Hart (R.I.P.) CP-S10’s and I never thought I’d see them used to good effect on any vehicle. The non-traditional wheel choice and color combo really make this car stand out.


However, the single biggest thing that sets this car apart is that it’s left-hand drive! How many LHD S15’s did Nissan make? If my calculations are correct, that would be exactly zero. Why? Why not? I’m sure you’ve all seen cars in the US converted to RHD and we’ve seen many “spo-com” trends re-surface on the other side of the pacific. The conversion has been done extremely well with a very attractive leather-wrapped dash and custom gauge housings.

I guess sometimes the grass really is greener…

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