Nakamura Racing’s Ferrari 308 GTO

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Nakamura Engineering 308 GTB


After seeing this picture I instantly started looking up prices of used 308 GTBs ($30,000 for those wondering). This car is flawless and a perfect example of retro JDM tuning with a Exotic car twist. If I could own this car for anywhere near $30,000 in this condition I’d be lining up for one right now.

Nakamura Engineering is one of Japan’s most well regarded Ferrari tuning and maintenance shops. We’ve featured them on this blog before, but this latest picture of their 308 GTO is one of the cleanest and best cars I’ve seen lately. You totally forget that the car is 30 years old looking at this picture!

I’ll be posting some more on Nakamura Racing soon…

In the meantime here are some older shots of seemingly the same car:

Nakamura Engineering 308 GTBNakamura Engineering 308 GTB

PS – Thanks to Jason’s Grain of Salt for bringing this 308 to my attention!

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