Acting Stupid – ARC Oil Cooler, Cardboard Edition

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ARC cardboard oil cooler

On our last container from Japan I decided to get involved in the unpacking of the boxes and the inventory procedures that we do every couple of weeks. It’s been a while since I’ve personally done that and I had actually a really great time! In the process of unpacking boxes of JDM awesomeness I found some cardboard filler and took a minute to amuse myself with it.

Taping up three rows of this cardboard loosely resembled a radiator design so I thought…lets make it JDM YO! Haha…so I grabbed a sharpie and added about $500 of value to it by inking those three famous letters. A. R. C. (ARC is short for Abbey Road Company for those unaware of the meaning or the founder’s love of the Beatles)

As I continued to amuse myself, I thought…what if my Honda Element had an external cardboard ARC oil cooler, bosozoku style! A couple of more piece of tape later and BAM!


I’m pretty sure i picked up a few HP. If only I could have quickly found some suitable hoses to complete the look. Garden hose would have done the trick perfectly…

This is why am a professional. Just admire the quality. The taste. The steez. hahaha…

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