Customer Car – Steve’s 350Z

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Steve's 350Z Cherry Blossom Carbon Hood

I can’t lie, I really feel that we have the most awesome customers…I see pictures like this from our client Steve and I just feel joy for having had the chance to participate in this project.

This is one of the most beautiful uses of Japanese culture/air brushing I’ve seen. It doesn’t hurt one bit that it’s done on an Ings+1 carbon fiber type 2 hood!

I commend Steve for his taste and execution on this, unfortunately all too often people try and fail at similar tasks. Steve kept it classy and perfected what he set out to do with this hood/fender air brush job.

Steve's 350Z Cherry Blossom Carbon HoodSteve's 350Z Cherry Blossom Carbon Hood

Check out that nice execution of how it drips over onto the fender. This is a beautiful thing.

Steve's 350Z Cherry Blossom Carbon Hood

Steve’s car like most of ours is still a continual work in progress. I think he’s doing great.

PS – Respect goes to Corey Meints of South Dakota who did the airbrushing job on this.

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