Bulletproof Canyon Day Ends In Sadness

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Yesterday I had a hell of a good time…until the moment when I had a hell of a bad time.

Let’s start with the good:

Some of the guys at the office and I decided to spend a day enjoying scenic Malibu and the amazing canyon roads that it offers. Mike in his Voltex aided S2000, me in my S2000 and Jason in his tuned Evo X met up at Neptunes Net on the PCH to start off the day. We then proceeded to have a hell of a time driving our native Malibu beach-side touge roads. I was loving it, I pulled the hardtop off and was enjoying the sun all while getting used to the feel of my new Recaro RS-G Super Stark seats and Keys Racing steering wheel that we installed two days earlier.


For those who have not seen the car in a while, the Mugen roll bar, Super Stark seats, Keys wheel and the in-dash Eclipse head-unit are new additions (thanks Ryan at Creative Car Audio for the various installs). Also recently modified has been the the new Amuse exhaust system (not pictured here).

Towards the end of our touge cruise apparently my engine wasn’t having as much fun as I was and unexpectedly blew the ‘ef up! After a massive cloud of streaming smoke out of the Top Secret hood  I frantically cut the ignition and pulled to the side of the road, promptly jumping the hell out of my Recaro seat! An oil trail ran back as far as the eye could see, the only good news being that at least there was some evidence that I executed the proper driving line through the corners!

That experience took the day from amazing highs to a personal low.


Fortunately I have a built F20c motor already sitting in our warehouse waiting for just such an occasion. Although a costly solution, the end result is that this will all be for the best. The car of the past just wasnt ready for me! The new and improved version I think will be up for the task…

The rest of the day returned to high notes, some might say epic…I got to show the guys I work with the two Top Secret cars for the first time (S15 D1GP champ and the Fusion RR R34 time attack car). We hung out with those cars which I had not seen for a while and lounged the rest of the night surrounded by great cars and some video games. Throw in a crazy good sandwich from my go-to spot Bay Cities Deli in Santa Monica and it was still a hell of a day in sunny Southern California.

For those on facebook, my co-worker Kristoffer put up some pictures on our fan page of the top secret cars, running the canyons and of other fun times we had yesterday.

Check it out here:


Here’s one artistic picture I took after the catastrophe to close this post out…


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