Super Clean Z4 For Sale By Garage Studie Yokohama

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Studie Garage Z4 BMW

Studie in Japan has this ultra clean Z4 for sale for 5,780,000 Japanese Yen. For how expensive BMWs are in Japan its a pretty reasonable deal. I love how clean Studie’s cars are. Although this Z4 cant stack up to the green monster mentioned yesterday, this is still great execution and a classy job.

Studie Garage Z4 BMWStudie Garage Z4 BMWStudie Garage Z4 BMW

And a bonus shot of a really clean AC Schnitzer Z4 to follow…

Studie Garage Z4 BMWStudie Garage Z4 BMW

I’m really glad to see a nice looking Schnitzer BMW again. They have (IMO) been coming out with mostly trash for years now…which is really a shame since the Schnitzer of the mid 1990s was simply amazing to me and I used to dream of that widebody green E36 demo car of theirs back around 1995 when I was 16.

Pictures today and yesterday are from Gawa’s blog (the man has few blog posts but he does have incredible taste in cars when he’s touring Japan)

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