A Favorite Levin of Mine by Ben Schaffer

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Asayan's AE86 Levin Looking

There’s not a lot that I can say about this car that has not already been said online. I must say that after looking at Dino’s recent coverage of Nagoya’s Exciting Car Showdown, it solidified Asayan’s “Looking” AE86 Levin as one of my favorite AE86s of all time. This car is perfect to me. It also happens to be one of those cars that proves why everyone has been so excited about the old school style Hayashi Street wheels. This 86 wears them perfectly! The flawless engine bay is miraculously matched to the perfect exterior. Nowhere does this car disappoint, even down to its gritty use drifting as seen in the following blogs:




Props to Dino and Speed Hunters for reminding me of this amazing car. I wish I had seen this in the flesh.

Asayan's AE86 Levin Looking

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