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Electric Raceabout

About 6 months ago I got an email from a blog reader named Janne. Janne wrote me in response to a recent blog post about rear mounted radiators that I had written. At that time Janne shared with me a picture of the car he was putting together over in Helsinki. And sure enough his car was using a rear mounted radiator. Here was that original picture that sparked my interest:

Electric Raceabout

Now it isn’t too often that I get an email from a blog reader showing a full dry carbon original/unidentifiable car with a rear mounted radiator, so to say I was intrigued would be an understatement.

As time would go by, Janne updated me with some additional progress photos and my intrigue continued to grow…

Electric Race AboutElectric Race About

At this point I realized that I was privileged to be witnessing the construction of something epic…but how epic I did not learn until later…

electric race about

Janne’s readers ride is now competing in the X Prize and going up against other cars from around the world after a $10 million dollar prize. The car is being produced by Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and is 3 years in progress at this point.

The car’s official name is called the Electric Race About (ERA) and Janne is a design engineer for this massive undertaking.

The car’s final specs are 1250kg, 4WD and enough electric power to propel it to 60MPH in under 5 seconds. The range of the car also will exceed 180 miles per charge. But beyond all of that, the car is absolutely beautiful! I’d take one of these over the Tesla any day!

The car is currently on it’s way to the US to compete in the X-Prize. I wish Janne and the team the best of luck!!

For me, this car takes the crown as our best reader’s ride ever. Thank you Janne for sharing this amazing creation you and your fellow team built!

Official ERA website:

X-Prize website:

Bonus wallpaper pic (the first pic is 1800res as well)

Electric Race About

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