Honda CR-Z Tuning Begins In Japan by Ben Schaffer

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HKS CR-Z At Fuji Speedway Advan Rims

While the tuning world waits for the release of the Toyota FT-86, the CR-Z is quietly becoming the latest hot tuner car in Japan. Already HKS has outfitted a CR-Z and run the car at Fuji Speedway (I suspect quite slowly). As an old Honda tuning lover, I cant help but get a little excited seeing the evolution of the beloved CR-X with this CR-Z. I never really imagined a CR-Z existing back when I first started modifying my Honda Prelude…and you know what, I have to admit the CR-Z looks pretty cool to me!

At the moment Mugen as expected has the jump on the CR-Z tuning as they already have released a complete tuning package. At the moment Mugen has come out with a full aero kit, suspension, wheels, an intake and a very curious looking exhaust.

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