The KTM X-BOW by Alex Butti

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Honestly I don’t even know where to start with this post.
I have seen quite a few exotic cars on here lately, so I figure why not add one more to the list? I thought the KTM X-BOW should fit the bill.

The X-BOW is a very exotic car; you don’t see that many around, and not many people have much info about this go-kart on steroids, so I figured, why not share some light?
We all know that KTM has never produced any car in the past. So they didn’t have much R&D when they wanted to produce a car for their lineup. So who did they call to take care of the chassis? Dallara.
Yes, the same Dallara company that used to race F1 cars back in the day. The X-BOW features a full dry-carbon fiber monocoque chassis, making it ultra stiff and very very light; 1738 lbs. light !

So the next step was to take care of the engine. In this case, Audi was called and the 2.0 liter, 240 hp engine from the Audi TT was shoehorned in the back of the X-BOW. What’s more impressing though is its torque; 310 ft/tq. A lot for such a light car.


The brakes as shown above are from Brembo. The same exact brakes that are available on the Lancer EVO. 4 pistons in the front and 2 in the rear. You can only imagine how quickly this thing stops.


The cockpit is very simple; maybe too simple. There is no dash, no air-bags, no radio no heated seats, no nothing ! I love it.

What KTM did though, was putting the money where it counted, on the performance aspect of the vehicle.

The brake pedals are courtesy of Tilton. Since the seats are one piece molded with the chassis, KTM/Tilton had to get a bit creative. The whole pedal assembly is bolted onto a rail, so that the brake, clutch and gas pedal can slide back and forth allowing any driver to drive this kart; but the truth is, KTM wanted to keep the weight distribution of the X-BOW 50/50; thus the pedals on the rail.
The X-BOW is not available in the US-only in Europe, and in some countries in Europe it requires an helmet to be driven on public roads; kind on a given considering there is no windshield.
The base model starts at a little over $75.000 all the way to $125.000
Different choices of coilovers are available, as well as different types of LSD, wheels, body panels, and sequential transmission.
If you ask me, this car is a bargain for the track. And yes, it’s much faster than an Atom Ariel.

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