The Rarest Of The Rare – Nismo Z-Tune R34 Midnight Purple by Ben Schaffer

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Midnight Purple R34 Nismo Z-Tune

The is the purple unicorn of the Japanese car collector world if you will…

There were 19 Nismo Z-Tunes produced in Japan and they were all Silver. This is the one mythical one which is different from the rest. We’ve just been asked to sell a Midnight Purple (OEM GT-R Color) Nismo Z-Tune. This is the only one in the world and I’m shocked to even see this car in existance, never mind have the ability to help broker the sale of it.

(by the way, we have a Silver Z-Tune for sale as well with 5000km on it)

The car has only 3,000km on it. It is a Nismo full Z-Tune conversion.

The car is for sale FOB Tokyo, Japan.

For inquires please email

The car can be found here:

Midnight Purple R34 Nismo Z-Tune

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