Video – FIA GT1 GT-R Up Close and Personal

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I wanted to share with you a video I took during my last trip to Japan. The video is an up close look at Nissan’s R35 GT-R FIA GT1 Race car. This was one of those cars that was far more impressive in the flesh than I ever expected. Of all of the cars that I enjoyed seeing at the Nismo Festival this year, these GT1 cars were my favorite. The quality of the car’s construction, the sound, the details in the design and the closer resemblance to a street GT-R all made these cars more special to me than seeing the Super GT cars (which are closer to resembling rocket ships than street cars these days).

Having felt that pictures do not do the car justice, I jumped behind the ropes with my press pass and shot a walk around video of the car. My hope was to try to show the car from my perspective there at the event, getting a closer look at the design and also getting a chance to hear the sound of another nearby GT1 rev its insane V8 engine. Pictures in my opinion have a hard time doing this car justice.

I just put this up on youtube a minute ago for you all to see. I hope you enjoy.

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