Amuse 370Z – The Future Is Here (The Real Pictures)

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Amuse Z34 370Z Front Bumper Side Skirts Rear Bumper Rear Wing

Game Over. Period. This is the hottest thing I have seen in years. I was just yelling and jumping around like I have not done for a long long time. This right here is why I love what I do and why I started Bulletproof 10 years ago. This is innovation, this is quality, this is a level of the game that only Amuse can do. This is why I fell in love with Amuse in the first place.

Back in 2001 Bulletproof Automotive started bringing Amuse to North America. I never imagined we’d end up as their sole US direct distributor, but I sure dreamed about it. If there was ever a company that I’d bet on it was Amuse. I knew after getting my first R1 Titanium exhaust in 2001 that Amuse doesnt play around. So I stepped up my game and repped Amuse hard. 9 years after our first Amuse shipment, the rewards of working with the best in Japan present themselves to me all over again…

I thought my blogging day was done, settling for a rear image of this Amuse kit. Then Amuse sent me an email with hi-res pics, pricing and the much anticipated front shot. There is nothing as cool as being the first to see something as amazing as this. Its like having a private viewing of the future. Make no mistake about it, this is the future look of high end JDM tuning. When is the last time you’ve seen something so innovative, envelope pushing and yet something that worked out to be so clean and classic looking instantly!? That is how I feel about it, so I jumped right into writing this blog post to share with you all right now!

Simultaneously to writing this, we’ve just prepared a pre-order special. For our wholesale clients you can contact us and we’ll work out wholesale terms for you on this new hotness…but for all you 370Z owners out there, I wanted to personally offer you 10% off on a pre-order of these kits. You’ll never see us discounting Amuse again since it’s not a discount brand in the slightest…I just wanted to give 370Z owners something special and to be able to show Amuse Japan that the community supports them with a nice healthy pre-order before the year is up.

You can see all of the new Amuse aero parts pricing here:

For the special 10% off you’ll need to contact and tell them where you saw the special.

Amuse Z34 370Z Aero Kit Front Bumper Side Skirts Rear Bumper

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