Voltex S2000 Debut by Stanley Ku

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Evasive Motorsports has received it’s first shipment of the newly developed Voltex aero kit for the Honda S2000. I don’t want to say too much on here since you can read all about it and view more pictures on Evasive’s own blog.

I can’t wait until I see the kit on an S2000. Coming from Voltex, there is no doubt that it will be both aggressive and functional. One thing that I do want to discuss is the front bumper. It seems like multi-piece bumpers are becoming more common as we saw from Ben’s recent posts about the Varis and Runduce collaboration for the EVO and STi.


The Voltex front bumper is a 3-piece design with the core bumper, a lip, and a splitter. I think it is a great design because it allows more greater adaptability. The splitter can be easily removed and mounted when the car is off or on track duty. The lip can be replaced if there was any sort of damage done to it. Accidents are accidents and it is much cheaper to replace a lip than a whole bumper, especially coming from Voltex. I would like to see Voltex develop other lip and splitter combinations for different levels of performance. Some might want a full hardcore track setup with canards while others just want someone more subtle for the street and occasional track outings. With the multi-piece design, switching between different setups will be a breeze.

Another thing worth mentioning, Evasive should be careful in their sales of this kit. The reason why I am saying this is because I would hate to see a replica kit pop up on the market. It doesn’t take much to replicate and if such a thing were to occur, it would definitely be unfair (a huge understatement) for Evasive Motorsports and Voltex.

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