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asi bentley dry carbon hood

One of my favorite things about well built demo cars is the depth of detail in the design/concept. This is a reoccurring topic that I bring up often on this blog. It comes up often because I really feel that details are what separate good builds from great builds. If you look at the above picture it is easy to be impressed. Sure, a Bentley Continental GT with a Japanese widebody kit and a dry carbon vented race hood is an impressive sight. The car could have been considered a win right there.

What separates ASI in my opinion as one of the best car builders in the game is what you see when you look more closely. Whether it is them affiliating themselves with a top Japanese artist to do hand painted accents in their interior, or the subtle and innovative integration of their logo as wheel graphics, it is the details that define quality.

On this particular car, the below image is what really left an impression a year after I took these photos in Japan.

asi bentley dry carbon hood

As if a mightily impressive full dry carbon hood isn’t enough, ASI incorporated their artist affiliation once again into this demo car. This time instead of the art car concept speaking loudly with gold leaf paint, they played well into the concept of a mean black on black sports tuned Bentley and made the artwork understated and integrated, yet still present. The hood was painted flat black with the artwork left unpainted to showcase the natural dry carbon on the hood. The result is a win on a number of levels as far as I’m concerned. This is a great example of an understated use of carbon fiber parts to accent the car’s quality, something I’m a huge advocate of.

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