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I did not want to write a blog post about the FT-86 Toyota. I really try to not blog about things everyone else has already molested to death. So instead of telling you how awesome it will be if this car actually comes out, or how a FR platform Toyota with a boxer engine is just what this industry needs to bring enthusiasts back in droves, I’m going to talk about a DVD player…and zippers.

Yes that’s right. You want to read about the car, check out the 1000 other blogs who are all saying basically the same thing. I’m talking about the DVD player.

Why? Because nobody else is.


So take a look at this and tell me if you’ve ever seen it before. It is such an original idea, yet it is simple and somewhat old school. These are the fun touches that make concept cars so cool if they are given the right amount of attention. We’re looking at a DVD player integrated into the dash with a leather cover and a zipper used to accept/block inserting DVDs. Plus the leather is touch sensitive on top of it (well presumably the buttons are underneath the thin skin, but same difference). Although I doubt this will ever make production, it just gets me excited to see something new.

Lets check out a couple of other cool details:


Is that not the coolest shift boot/knob combo you’ve ever seen? Its crazy! I love these little details on this car, creativity to the max. And the seats? C’mon man…Toyota’s concept designers are killing it with this car. I love it. None of this will ever make it to production, but the inspiration lives on.

Props to for the pics.

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