Voltex S2000 Debut by Stanley Ku

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Evasive Motorsports has received it’s first shipment of the newly developed Voltex aero kit for the Honda S2000. I don’t want to say too much on here since you can read all about it and view more pictures on Evasive’s own blog.

I can’t wait until I see the kit on an S2000. Coming from Voltex, there is no doubt that it will be both aggressive and functional. One thing that I do want to discuss is the front bumper. It seems like multi-piece bumpers are becoming more common as we saw from Ben’s recent posts about the Varis and Runduce collaboration for the EVO and STi.


The Voltex front bumper is a 3-piece design with the core bumper, a lip, and a splitter. I think it is a great design because it allows more greater adaptability. The splitter can be easily removed and mounted when the car is off or on track duty. The lip can be replaced if there was any sort of damage done to it. Accidents are accidents and it is much cheaper to replace a lip than a whole bumper, especially coming from Voltex. I would like to see Voltex develop other lip and splitter combinations for different levels of performance. Some might want a full hardcore track setup with canards while others just want someone more subtle for the street and occasional track outings. With the multi-piece design, switching between different setups will be a breeze.

Another thing worth mentioning, Evasive should be careful in their sales of this kit. The reason why I am saying this is because I would hate to see a replica kit pop up on the market. It doesn’t take much to replicate and if such a thing were to occur, it would definitely be unfair (a huge understatement) for Evasive Motorsports and Voltex.

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Greddy R35 GT-R Turbo Kit Arrives to GT-RR

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Greddy Trust TD06 R35 GT-R Turbo Kit

Our first Trust / Greddy turbo kit just arrived to our offices yesterday (this one is spoken for but we have more on order). We had an opportunity to get some good photographs of the kit and wanted to share with everyone!

There is a lot of buzz about this turbo kit lately and I wanted to take some time to explain a bit more about it and to address some of the confusion that I know many GT-R owners are having with regards to the kit. There are a couple of key points I wanted to address, although I’ll try to keep this short since I can talk on this topic for far longer than I should on a blog.

1. It is not a complete turbo kit, it is more along the lines of a “set-up turbo kit” as we’ve seen them called in Japan in the past. This is a common misconception that should be addressed. Unlike many of the other turbo kits that we offer (we sell every turbo kit on the market), this  does not have included solutions for intercooler, fuel, or computer/tuning, etc. Fortunately we and our GT-R master tuner John Shafer have the turbo tuning experience to provide you with complete solutions to reach your goals. Price-wise however, please understand that the real costs of using this kit are significantly higher than this set-up package. Greddy specifies that this kit can not be used at all without also purchasing an intake piping kit (by which they mean intercooler hardpipe kit), and really that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The true cost of this turbo kit is more along the lines of:
This kit +
Hard Pipe Set (approx $1800)
Haltech ECU ($3199)
Intercooler (approx $3700)
Injectors ($699)
Tuning (we offer tuning services at various price points)
Total – $19,000+

2. This turbo kit makes very strong power, however due to its turbine size and manifold configuration the response is not going to be exactly as quick as stock as well as some other turbo upgrade solutions. We suggest consulting with us so that we can determine the best solution for your needs, whether it is this kit or any other kit on the market. Because we offer every kit on the market we’ll give you unbiased consultation to help you make the best choice.

3. We encourage people to not use dyno numbers as comparisons alone. Dynos have a high degree of variability when comparing with one dyno to another. The important factor in evaluating peak horsepower of this kit is the gain on the same dyno when compared to stock. That specific gain is 230hp according to Greddy (604.4ps before vs 834.3ps after). Having seen GT-Rs that put out 390 to the wheels stock on other dynos (compare that to Greddy’s stock readout of 604hp in their literature), simply looking at 834ps as a peak number can be a bit misleading if not put into context.

4. Due to the nature of the aftermarket (non OEM design) manifolds and turbines, this turbo kit does have higher peak horsepower potential than all other OEM type turbo kit upgrades out there. Typically the OEM design turbo upgrade kits can flow to 800-900hp however we expect the design of the Greddy turbo kit to be able to support higher peak horsepower on cars with built engines and fuel/ecu tuning that can support it.

This turbo kit includes:
two TD06SH-20G 8cm2 turbos
two stainless 45mm exhaust manifolds with 42.7mm wastegates (type R spec)
two stainless steel downpipes which expand from 60mm to 70mm
two compression tubes in aluminum 60mm
intake pipes out of aluminum
air filters
assorted hardware

We’ll continue to order up more of these turbos as well as continue the variety of kits so that we can provide the best unique solution for our clients. With the GT-R it is certainly not one solution is best for all, as with most tuning parts there are pros and cons to each option and the only way to do it right is to make an educated and well consulted decision. That’s why we’re here to help.

Greddy Trust TD06 R35 GT-R Turbo KitGreddy Trust TD06 R35 GT-R Turbo KitGreddy Trust TD06 R35 GT-R Turbo Kit

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Newsletter Sign Up

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You may have noticed that we just added a section to sign up for our newsletter here on the blog (see to the right of the page). I’d encourage you to take part in that!

The newsletter is a monthly newsletter which was previously only available to those who have purchased products with us. Now we’re happy to allow access to the readers of this blog as an opt-in service.

The newsletter, on top of offering special newsletter only deals, is also a carefully selected monthly recap of what is new in the world of JDM tuning. You’ll see industry news, company news, hottest parts of the month for a variety of cars, a few select blog links and of course the special blog only deals.

Sign up and keep in touch with us!


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asi bentley dry carbon hood

One of my favorite things about well built demo cars is the depth of detail in the design/concept. This is a reoccurring topic that I bring up often on this blog. It comes up often because I really feel that details are what separate good builds from great builds. If you look at the above picture it is easy to be impressed. Sure, a Bentley Continental GT with a Japanese widebody kit and a dry carbon vented race hood is an impressive sight. The car could have been considered a win right there.

What separates ASI in my opinion as one of the best car builders in the game is what you see when you look more closely. Whether it is them affiliating themselves with a top Japanese artist to do hand painted accents in their interior, or the subtle and innovative integration of their logo as wheel graphics, it is the details that define quality.

On this particular car, the below image is what really left an impression a year after I took these photos in Japan.

asi bentley dry carbon hood

As if a mightily impressive full dry carbon hood isn’t enough, ASI incorporated their artist affiliation once again into this demo car. This time instead of the art car concept speaking loudly with gold leaf paint, they played well into the concept of a mean black on black sports tuned Bentley and made the artwork understated and integrated, yet still present. The hood was painted flat black with the artwork left unpainted to showcase the natural dry carbon on the hood. The result is a win on a number of levels as far as I’m concerned. This is a great example of an understated use of carbon fiber parts to accent the car’s quality, something I’m a huge advocate of.

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Built From Scratch by PCAL

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Many extreme car enthusiasts at one point or another in life convince themselves that they can build a car from the ground up. Some of those people are the Colin Chapmans, Soichiro Hondas and Gordon Murrays of the world. Others…. aren’t. But you’ll never know unless you try, right?

Dennis Palatov is one man who has put his money where his mouth is. Thankfully, he’s also chosen to document the whole process on his website. I’ve been following it for quite a while. One of his projects is the DP4 which is essentially a motorcycle powered car that’s designed to be a half-way point between karts and traditional race cars. Peruse his website and you’ll see many cool machines.


One day I’d like to try my hand at making a car and when I do I’m going to use a Honda Goldwing motor. Many have adapted various motorcycle engines to their homebuilt creations so that’s nothing new. However, many of the conversions suffer from a few basic faults that keep them from being as desirable as they could be. Most motorcycle engines rev extremely high and produce very little torque. This, combined with clutches that were never designed to move the weight of a car usually don’t make for a very smooth launch. Then there’s the problem of motorcycle engines typically being designed to use chain drive.


The Goldwing doesn’t suffer from any of these faults and is remarkably torquey, has a low center of gravity, is extremely reliable, widely available and even has an alternator that is actually designed to run more than a single headlight. It’s not a violent, unbalanced inline-4 that revs to 15,000rpm, but that’s the point. I want a scaled-down, lightweight sports car, not a stripped down torture chamber.

What would you build?

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Varis x Runduce GRB Impreza Sti

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Varis x Runduce GRB Impreza STi

Another incredible collaboration between Original Runduce and Varis! Much like the Evo collaboration that I blogged about earlier, the two companies are finishing off their Subaru Impreza as well! Again the concept remains to use the Varis complete aero kit (already released) and then to produce a new front spoiler design penned by Original Runduce.

I’m excited to have a look at this and the Evo at Tokyo Auto Salon 2010! Hopefully it will be there!

Varis x Runduce GRB Impreza STiVaris x Runduce GRB Impreza STi

The blog post about the Evo X can be found here:


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Mysterious Cat by Matt Rus

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It seems that Voltex has just introduced a new method for testing their wings. We’ve been able to get our hands on a spy image of their new procedure. The tester’s feelings about this wing are written all over his face. It’s ready to produce some wicked downforce!


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