GT-R Carbon Fiber Rear Seat by Stanley Ku

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In my search for information while writing the article on Tecnocraft, I came upon this picture of on Carbon Fiber Gear, which is a cool site that showcases anything related to carbon fiber. This is picture of a carbon fiber rear seat replacement for the R35 GT-R that Password JDM/Tecnocraft is currently developing. The general contour follows their T1 seats that I have featured recently. The slimmer profile makes the rear seats slightly more usable. I really don’t see how anyone can sit in the back besides kids. I hope there will be at least some sort of padding in the production version for those of us who are small enough to fit in back. It will make a very bumpy and uncomfortable ride if there weren’t and you will definitely end up with 2 sore butt cheeks. Haha.

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