Brabus Is Back – Impressed Once Again

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I remember in the mid 1990s thinking Brabus was an incredible, almost mystical brand. I knew of a guy in Boston with two absolutely sick Brabus built cars back then. Those cars were pushing the limits and when you saw them you felt somehow like you were looking at the future, everything else looked old sitting next to it. This was the era of the Brabus 3 spoke rims, which were super hot at the time and now are an ugly memory to most, after being copied by just about everyone for a decade or so.

Enter the Black Baron by Brabus. I get that feeling all over again when I look at this car. Too bad the damn thing costs $800,000 USD. Anyway, have a look at some inspiration right here.


This is a car with beauty in the details AND beauty from afar. There’s beauty everywhere…(except the rear fenders, but bonus points on those for uniqueness and functionality)


First off, if you see any car with floormats like that you can instantly know you’re looking at something legendary. This is a car you need to slip a brand new pair of Tods driving shoes on each time you drive.


So what do you want to know…E Class. V12 Twin Turbo. 1000+ ft/lbs of torque. 230mph. Dry Carbon everything.

This is one of the nastiest most evil Benzes ever. Brabus is back, bringing the inspiration!


Bonus pics of the interior…plain perfect.

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