ASI Ferrari F458 Concepts

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ASI will be coming with more aero styling and tuning goodness for the new Ferrari F458 Italia. Whenever it comes out, you know you can trust Bulletproof Automotive and crew will have it for sale (by then perhaps featured on a new website of ours)

Here are two early concepts from the creative minds at ASI:

ASI Ferrari F458 Italia

ASI Ferrari F458 Italia

I love the bumper shape! I’d go with the first one, what do you think?

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GT-RR For “R” – Our Latest Build, In Progress

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GT-RR for "R" Build

Looking back, we still feel so grateful that last year we were given the chance by two of our clients to build them award winning GT-Rs for last SEMA. One of the biggest rewards of those projects has been the trust placed in us to take on new projects for new clients. This is one of those new projects, and I’m, as always, very excited about it!

Taking advantage of our strong partner network, our client “R” asked us to build him his own version of an ultimate GT-R and to do so on the East Coast of the US. We have been fortunate over the years to have built up an incredible partnership with who we feel are some of the best tuning shops, body shops and partners the industry has to offer and this project was a chance for us to put our partner network into action with a full build!

Recently I bought a brand new GT-R 2010 Premium Edition on behalf of “R” to begin the build. The goal was to buy and build a complete car to be delivered to our client “R” upon completion. You can see the stock 2010 GT-R pictured above. I snapped that picture about 10 days ago, last time I was in New York managing the build.

GT-RR For "R"GT-RR For "R"

Above are two pictures of the many parts selected. (The HRE M49s have a nice concave dip to them for the GT-R application, and are very light weight as well!)

I made a build page to document the parts selected and the project’s goals which can be found here:

All of the parts have arrived and the car is in progress now (at the body shop first). As completion is reached I’ll gladly update both our blog and GT-RR with new pictures and results. Our intention is also to do a before and after Dyno run to document the gains.

The story of the build (as featured on the above link) is re-published right here as well:

One of the things we take great joy in is building complete cars for our clients. This build here was commissioned by our client “R” in Boston. Although we did not have full control of the creativity of the build as we had with our previous two custom builds, I think our influence can still be found in the parts selection and execution.

After in depth consultation with our client “R”, learning his goals, his budget and his use of the car we came up with a customized plan for this 2010 GT-R Premium build. We then bought the car for “R” and begun with the project.

The goals are as follows:

– Street Driven in Boston (stock height, stock tires for comfort)

– Maximum reliable horsepower on a moderate budget (smart and proven power mods, nothing too excessive or crazy)

– Clean yet aggressive styling with functionality being a focus for daily use

Parts selection:

Aero and Styling
Esprit Dry Carbon Wing (track tested for increased downforce)
Carbon Dry Japan FRP Vented Bonnet (better cooling than stock)
Wald Full Aero Kit (street style)
Esprit Dry Carbon Intercooler Duct Integrated into Wald Front Bumper (functionality/air flow increase to bigger intercooler)
HRE M49 20″ Monoblok wheels in flat black (more aggressive fit than stock but comfort of stock tires being retained)
MCR LED Rear Winker and OEM Clear Front Winkers

Power Mods
Esprit Large Intercooler (with dry carbon duct)
Top Secret Titanium Intercooler Pipe Kit
Top Secret Carbon Fiber Intake System
Forge Actuators
Cobb AccessPORT with Custom GT-RR tune
Esprit Turbo Outlet Pipes
Amuse full titanium Y Pipe With High Flow Cat (keeping cats for emissions)
Amuse R1 STTI Rear Section in full titanium (still the best in the game)
800cc Injectors
Okada Projects Plasma Direct Kit
Synapse Blow Off Valves
HKS Spark Plugs

Carbon Dry Interior Dry Carbon Fiber Set, All Options.

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