So Proud – Mobil 1 GT-R Ad Goes To Print

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Mobil 1 GT-RR Bulletproof Automotive Ad R35 GT-R

Its been a year since I made this car for Mobil 1 (and Brandon, the car’s owner in Hawaii). I’m still feeling like the proud father of this baby! A year later and I still love it like it was just built yesterday. My goal was to set out and build a timeless and classic  GT-R with this one (even doing the throwback Midnight Purple II Special GT-R paint). To me a year in, I feel like I succeeded. I’ll check in a year from now and see if it is still aging well.

This Mobil 1 ad is better late than never. They tell me this will be running in pretty much every car magazine for the next few months. Sweet! This is way cooler than the billboard in Vegas of the car.

Brandon – Take good care of this baby…

Man, I need someone to ask me to build them a crazy GT-R…itching to do another BIG project and bring it to Tokyo Auto Salon to kick ass on JDM home turf.

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