Customer Car: Ultra Clean Street Spec S2000

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Rob's S2000 Mugen, J's Racing, Spoon, ASM

The continuation to yesterdays story about our friend Rob’s widebody Range Rover is more like a prequel.

Rob and I worked together to produce this S2000, which I ultimately give Rob all the credit for because his vision for the car has been absolutely timeless.

Lets look at the details. No knockoffs here…the real deal Mugen Dry Carbon roof and you know what…he painted it! Check the carbon fiber accents. That is how it is done right there. Leaving large parts fully carbon is old news, on a street car it is all about classy integration. Rob knows the deal.

Rob's S2000Rob's S2000

So what do you want to know? The pictures show that it is all done right. Mugen SS rear bumper and diffuser with special titanium SS exhaust (higher mounted than stock, yet another reminder of the theme I was saying earlier with higher mounted exhausts). J’s Racing front bumper, twin canards and type V carbon hood. Craftsquare mirrors. Prodrive wheels with the J’s Racing special Endless big brake kit behind them. Spoon kevlar buckets with Prodrive harnesses and a Mugen roll bar. Mugen SS carbon wing, carbon trunk. You name it, this car has it and has done it tastefully.

M's Kevlar Intake S2000

And dont forget the rareness…the original discountined M’s kevlar intake system. This is the OG JDM. ASM sold and ran these before they started having M’s make their own intakes. And I passed on buying the last 5 sets from Kanayama-san of ASM when he asked me, looking back I should have taken that last bit of stock since it is a classic. Oh yeah, J’s SPL valve cover and ARC titan cooling plate, check.

Rob's S2000Rob's S2000

I mean, check out the interior execution. Rob did not miss a thing. Mugen Steering wheel, Navi integrated into the dash, reworked leather,  its all super clean.

Rob's S2000Rob's S2000

And the last pics are evidence. The car was always class. He was even rocking the ASM front fenders back in the day that we imported for him.

Just a great example here of how you can build a high quality car with high performance parts and still keep things in an understated and usable way.

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