Customer Car: Range Rover Sport Widebody

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Rob's Range Rover Sport Concept 802 Widebody

With all news being GT-R related around here lately, today I looked for something as far opposite as possible to post. So here we go, a customer car of the most unique kind…a UKDM widebody Range Rover Sport! And not a GT-R. Check.

This is a cool story to me and is something I think a lot of readers can relate to that are in my age bracket. My client Rob started working with me almost five years ago on his Honda S2000. Over the years we worked together and he ended up putting together one of the cleanest and nicest S2000s I’ve still ever seen. It is absolutely a flawlessly executed street car build, top notch 100% (another post will come on that).

During the years that followed Rob and I would keep in touch as both of us grew in age, life and perspective. Now with me having crept past the 30 yr mark and Rob with a beautiful baby boy and family, times have changed a little bit. Sure Rob still loves his S2000 (and I still love mine too!) but in Rob’s case, he needed a family ride since I doubt his son would be happy in the S2000’s trunk for road trips.

So what happens when a S2000 enthusiast decides to build a Range Rover? Import a widebody and do it right! (Of course!!!)

In one of the more unusual projects I’ve done lately, I got Rob this Concept 802 widebody kit produced in the UK and then Rob set out to build a useable, super unique daily driver to do family things, outdoorsy things and just to live a grown mans life.

I’m still suggesting that he gets these rims we’ve picked out, but regardless of that small detail I think the car is absolutely awesome for daily driving duties.

What do you all think?

Rob's Range Rover Sport Concept 802 WidebodyRob's Range Rover Sport Concept 802 Widebody

Rob's Range Rover Sport Concept 802 WidebodyRob's Range Rover Sport Concept 802 Widebody

A preview of a perfect street spec S2000 also built by Rob:

Rob's S2000

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