Garage Life: Diorama by Matt Rus

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Speaking of Garage Life, if you can’t afford those luxury garages featured in the magazine then check out these scaled version dioramas produced in Japan! KSP Factory produces these outstanding 1/43 miniature garages which are so detailed that the untrained eye could easily mistake the 1/43 model for the real thing!  Their ultra-detailed and precise accessories are super realistic and as I could understand from Google translate they are even made with real materials not just painted plastic. If you look at the Ferrari garage you’ll notice that they put working LEDs and LCD picture frame to make a more authentic look (confirmed by Ben, yes there is a functional LCD monitor and a number of light up LED lights). Unfortunately the images are not big, but instead I put more of them to get the picture of how good this looks.

EDIT BY BEN – Let me interrupt right here. I was so impressed with these when Matt showed them to me that I got in contact with KSP Japan and became a dealer of theirs to export these outside of Japan. I’ve really never seen anything quite like this. For a car lover like myself this is the ultimate display toy. Forget just having a cool model car collection, these are full out custom garages with working televisions inside them! Crazy. Anyway, if anyone wants any of these just give me an email and I’ll set you up. Now back to Matt’s post pictures…





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