Only In Europe…S2000 Widebody Conversion With European Taste

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WTF YO European S2000 Widebody

This was shown to me and suggested for the Hater Fodder category. After careful consideration, I decided it is not quite hater fodder material to me. This was a genuinely well considered attempt at doing something unique, with somewhat good execution (for the goals in which they intended). With that bit of respect being said, I absolutely dislike every ounce of this car. I don’t know who the maker of this widebody kit is, but I’ll affectionately call it the WTF YO AP1 S2000 widebody. I consider that to be an appropriate name for it.

It is interesting, there is a certian European style and taste for tuning Japanese cars that I’ve noticed prominently represented over the years. I cant describe it in words, but it jumps out at me in pictures. It is like Europe’s interpretation of spocom or something along those lines. In other words something bad, turned worse in translation. The rear of this WTF YO kitted S2000 defines exactly what I could use as a stereotypical example of my dislike for European aero tuning and styling.

WTF YO European S2000 Widebody

I dont know how you put that design style  into words, I never could do it adequately…but a lot of the cars I see in French car tuning magazines look just like this style. I respect world tuning culture but I cant ever get into this style. My best attempt at explaining it in words: Predictable, exaggerated, trendy yet dated, and misrepresenting the intentions of the origin they try to emulate.

The front of the WTF YO S2000 I think looks interesting and more original however. I don’t like it, but I do respect the details like the moldings reminicent of Mercedes and the headlights (with washers) which I cant seem to determine the origin of. A side note, the Impul kit for the G35 Coupe uses similar moldings in a very good looking way. It is possible to pull off that look on a Japanese car, although hard.

Impul G35 Coupe

But going back to the S2000…

WTF YO S2000 Widebody

Here you can see just how they transformed the car. I appreciate the originality of the front end but thats as far as I can stretch my compliments on this one. Still, it is rescued from the hater fodder category…just barely.

The link for the WTF YO S2000 is found here:

Thanks goes to Mr. Ku for the link and heads up on this.

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