Daishin Silvia by Matt Rus

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To be honest with you all, I don’t follow JGTC much these days. So in this post I won’t be talking about who is winning and who is losing. Instead, lets check out Daishin’s Silvia S15, the car that brought Takayuki Aoki and Nobuyuki Oyagi the GT300 Championship title back in 2001.

The last generation Silvia (S15) is one of my favorite cars in terms of design. The long and wide front end gives it an aggressive look, making it a highly intimidating beast when riding your tail in your rear view mirror. Now a days things have changed considerably and car manufacturers are focusing more on building pedestrian friendly cars with higher front ends and shorter hood. Let’s just hope they won’t use those ideas on low production models like a next generation Silvia.

There are very few large and clear images of the Daishin Silvia, I was fortunate enough to find a few.  I  hope you’ll enjoy the pics below.




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