Skunkpra by Stanley Ku

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Here is a unique take on the widebody kit from Esprit. Instead of painting the kit the same color as the car, this owner from Finland decided to do something different. The lower portions of the car has been painted black which makes it resemble somewhat like a skunk. It is another one of those “love or hate” thing. Some people may prefer it entirely one color like the following.


(Quick Edit By Ben – Esprit is distributed by Bulletproof Automotive so if anyone needs anything just give us a call and we’ll hook you up)

I think this theme will work better if the car has more aggressive styling and continued more with the black and white theme. Maybe a vented carbon fiber hood from Top Secret, black headlight housings, Ganador/Craft Square mirrors?


A Top Secret diffuser will finish off the back nicely.


For more pictures of the car, go here.

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