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Veilside Fortune Supra Old School Tokyo Auto Salon

This brings back memories. Granted, the picture itself isnt that old. I snapped this at Tokyo Auto Salon 6 years ago, but this Veilside fortune demo car dates back long before that.

Why am I posting this? I guess I still have a sweet spot for the old school Veilside demo cars that inspired me pre-millenium. Back in the 1990s there was a certian feeling, magic if you will, when you first laid eyes on Veilside’s fortune demo car special of the year at Tokyo Auto Salon. Year after year Veilside was just KILLING IT back then, winning top honors at TAS every time with just wildness that at the time nobody had ever imagined. Times have changed a lot since then, but I still can remember and enjoy that feeling of being stunned by something so innovative and crazy.

Honestly, the last time I felt that way was a couple of years ago when Top Secret premiered their final evolution widebody for the Supra. That was the last TAS car that made me feel like I was looking at “the future”. Anyone that was at TAS either when this Veilside car debuted (the old school JDM heads) or when the Top Secret final evolution Supra debuted will tell you that the unveiling of these cars is something special, even emotional. There are certian cars that just shatter your expectations and you feel priveladged to just be seeing them like a rare glimpse into an unforseen future. Honorable mention does go to ASI’s widebody Tetsu Bentley which I saw in the flesh for the first time at SEMA as my Toyo Tires booth mate to my S2000 and it blew my damn head off. I think my S2000 cried inside, out of shame that it was next to the ASI masterpiece.

Anyway, back on topic – Back when you wouldnt see much more than aftermarket bolt on bumpers, Veilside reshaped the front and rear of the Supra, made original headlights and tail lights, converted it to gull wing and just went all out crazy on this car. This was also back when Veilside stuck to their signature champagne color. Since then the Veilside Champagne and the Top Secret gold have faded away from those brands, to my dissapointment particuarly with Top Secret.

Anyway, for those that can relate…here’s a blast from the past.

PS: Props to my friend Ito-san of Do-Luck…his timeless R34 is hiding in the background of this pic. That car still is as perfect now as it was back then. Anyone who judges that Do-Luck GT-R by its color alone is missing out, big time.

Veilside Fortune Supra Old School Tokyo Auto Salon

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