One of TAS 2009s Best Cars – Rocket Bunny S13 Silvia

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Rocket Bunny S13 Silvia

I’ve been holding back on some TAS coverage for some random times. This is one of the posts I’ve been wanting to talk about.

I’ve always loved the random pictures of the Rocket Bunny cars that have surfaced online over the past year or two, but this S13 they brought to Tokyo Auto Salon is the best work I’ve seen from them and one of my favorite S13s ever.

Rather than talk about the obvious things, I want to just focus on one really unique thing about this car that I’ve never seen done before…the rims.

From what I can tell the wheels are truck wheels with offroad type beadlocks, but instead of oversize offroad rubber it runs low profile sports tires for drifting. Not only have I never seen this done before, but it looks so incredibly hardcore with the concept of this car that it works perfectly! The fit of the wheels is also pure perfection giving it the stance that every Silvia owner should aspire to have.

To share in my fascination of this car I’ve uploaded the full size original pictures I took at TAS for you to enjoy on a big screen monitor (if you have one). Click on any image here to be blown away with super hi-res!

Rocket Bunny S13 SilviaRocket Bunny S13 Silvia

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