Wild Aero For Mercedes SLR

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FAB Design Mercedes SLR

FAB Design in Switzerland created this wild aero package for the SLR. I really wonder if this is nessasary for such a limited production car…I’d be surprised if they sold more than two or three of these.

At first I wasnt sure what I felt about the kit, it certianly is wild! After a bit more time to digest it, I think they did a commendable job. I like the extended lines on the widebody fenders, I find that to be  unique touch. The symmetry on the rear is quite interesting between the wing and the rear bumper/diffuser. Honestly I dont like the wing design and I doubt its functionality to some degree, but I have to admit that they integrated it nicely into the rear bumper/profile design. Then the long nose front bumper…I wanted to hate it, but I like the drama it creates. The SLR is already a supercar but this long nose front bumper especially gives it more presence.

Overall I find it to be a very unique kit and surprisingly controversial for such an upper class semi-conservative supercar.

FAB Design Mercedes SLRFAB Design Mercedes SLRFAB Design Mercedes SLR

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